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How FlipHawk Makes Reselling Easier

Don't waste time scouring Craigslist for bargains... Let us do it for you!

We know the grind. Open up Craigslist and spend hours struggling to find the perfect deal that you can flip for maximum profit. It's easy to get frustrated when you can't find a deal. We've been there. Fliphawk has made this time-consuming task a thing of the past.

Amid the thousands of local ads on Craigslist, FlipHawk's "Find a Bargain" app only gives you the ads with the highest potential for profit amid the thousands of ads on Craigslist. We search through local Craigslist ad listings to give you a list of items selling for a lower price than it can be sold for on eBay! Find the ad using Fliphawk, buy the item from the seller, and then immediately resell it on eBay to rake in easy profit. It's as easy as that. Reselling has been revolutionized.

Every new user gets a free 31 day trial! Sign up today and discover why FlipHawk should be a weapon in every serious reseller's arsenal. If you have any additional features you'd like to see added, find a weird bug, or have any feedback at all, we would love to hear from you! Do not hesitate to contact us at our email or tweet us @flip_hawk

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How Does it Work?

We understand that you're busy looking for the best deals to flip. That's why we made sure to make our "Find a Bargain" tool as easy as possible for you to use. We'll break it down into the 4 main components:

FlipHawk Bargain Hunter ScreenShot

The Breakdown

Organic Searching Screenshot

1. Easy Searching

Flipping merchandise has never been easier. Simply type in the item you want to sell in the query box, hit the search button, and bask in the glory of all the bargain deals to be made! If its on Craigslist, we find it, and you flip it.

Filter Results Screenshot

2. Filter Results

Filter your search results by highest potential margin to ensure maximum profitibility. Filter out the nonsense $1 Craigslist ads. Searching for the perfect bargain is a breeze with our filtering tools. Plus, we are always working on creating more filtering tools to help you!

Get Local Listings Screenshot

3. Local Listings

Fliphawk gets Craigslist listings that are in your area for your convenience. The results that come up for your search are links that take you to the corresponding Craigslist ad. Contact the seller, make the purchase, and then sell it on eBay at the true value.

Ebay Market Info

4. Market Info

See what the item is currently being sold for on eBay so you can maximize your profit by knowing the best price to sell at. For your convenience, price data is broken down into three averages: Mean, Median and Mode.

User Testimonials

  • "This is amazing."
  • "I used to spend hours on Craigslist trying to find good deals, now it only takes me 10 minutes."
  • "Fliphawk is great. I'm using it right now and it pulled up items that I wouldn't have taken the energy to pull up myself. Having all the info on one screen is great. This totally makes things easier."
  • "This is great, it makes searching through Craigslist easy!"

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